sky and the sea

i feel the gleamingyellow sun shining on me as i gaze at the giant, shining blue sea. people on white and blue jet skis. i wish that was me. it would be fun if we were on the water with our grandfather. yay! yay! come on the boat today with me. - skyler, age seven

ummm. yea. i just happened to come across this poem in the pile of papers sky brought home from school yesterday. i have to be honest, typically i zip through her papers and then add the pile to the recycle bin. but i saw the lined piece of paper with oddly broken up words and began to read...and paused. and read again.

sky couldn't have written that poem, i thought, and placed the paper on the kitchen table, where i knew i'd remember to ask her about it in the morning.

yes, she could!

she shared with me that they were to write a descriptive poem, in class. i asked,

your teacher gave you the words to use, right? no. your teacher told you exactly what to write. no. you just wrote this? yes. where did you come up with the idea? i just did. how do you know the word 'gleaming'? i just do. you wrote the poem all my yourself. mmm hmm.

and that's as far as the conversation got. i tried to get a title out of her, but she shyly looked at me and said,

i don't know. we didn't have to write a title.

i guess i'll settle with that because i'm simply just in love with her untitled poem.  i have this dream of combining my kids poetry with my photography. one of these days i'll make that dream a reality.