i found a lump

a few weeks ago, i found a lump in my breast.  i ignored it for weeks, thinking i was imagining things. that i wouldn't feel it tomorrow.  but i always felt it.  over and over again, the pea-sized lump was present.  so finally, i made an appointment with the MD, to confirm what i already knew.  yep, the lump really was there.  she scheduled me for a mammogram.  i already had had one two years ago in san diego.  normal. so this past friday, i had my diagnostic mammogram and a bilateral ultrasound.  nothing abnormal was shown on mammogram. and i'm assuming that the ultrasound was normal because no additional tests were ordered.  i should know for sure in the coming days.

but the whole process stirred a flurry of thoughts and emotions.  most impacting was telling steve.  i think he was actually more worried than i was.

his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at my age. she died six months later. steve was five. steve's dad was left with three children, one of them being hearing impaired.

i couldn't help but think about the possibility of breast cancer, no matter how much i tried not to...and believe me, i tried.

i share all this for a couple reasons...

as parents, we do such a great job at making sure our kids see doctors and get their appropriate check-ups, tests, immunizations, etc. but what about YOU?

especially in the case of a mammogram. seriously, pain free. 10 minutes. done. so simple. i've now had two and neither hurt one bit. so what, my boobs were squished. better than breast cancer, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

i had thought about blogging about my lump. and my mammogram. and then i came across this photo on facebook and well, i knew i had to blog about it.

the scar project fricken blows my mind in amazing-ness. you can see the entire gallery of images here.

© david jay | the SCAR project

i love the SCAR project tag line -- surviving cancer. absolute reality. and i'm excited to see that he's now offering a book.  wishing the exhibition would go on tour.  although, i have no doubt that one day it will.

i hope you'll go make your necessary appointments.  you deserve it. your children deserve it.