this new place

...a different place. i remember when i left san diego...i wondered where my photography would go in kansas. i thought,

how can i shoot without my beloved PB pier. without my beach.

yet kansas was probably the best thing to ever happen to me (as a photographer). i could play without pressure. a year where i didn't worry about  shooting clients.  i just allowed myself to be. and shoot. and grow.

and now i find myself in this place called tampa. a place where i long for my business to resume. a place i long to connect with. i'm getting there. i am...

when i look at this photo, i can't wait to get back out there and explore these incredible tampa beaches with my camera. this journey has only just begun. and that in itself is something magical to embrace.

and this photo will forever remind me that things will be okay here in tampa.

just as this photo will forever hold a special place in my heart, from our time in kansas.

different, yet the same. i am truly blessed to be able to move around and experience these awesome, different places with my family.  each is unique. each is special.