life support japan

such an amazing endeavor is taking place right now... crista dix, from wall space gallery, recently launched life support japan -- where photographers from around the world have donated prints (no larger than 8.5 x 11, edition of 10) for (set-price) auction.

these prints can be purchased online at wall space gallery for $50 each!!

direct relief international (for medical) and habitat for humanity (for rebuilding) are the organizations that will benefit from the life support japan print sales. the goal is 100% donation (as long as they can get donation of shipping supplies and  financial help towards shipping costs).  so far, the auction has raised $10, two days!!

it's incredible the number of photographers, who have stepped forward and donated. new photographs are being added daily, so if you don't see an image you love and want to purchase, please keep checking back.

seriously...such an awesome opportunity to purchase a some art, while also helping the relief efforts in japan. and a special thanks to aline smithson for all her hard work and coordination efforts.

i've offered this 8x8 print for auction...

copyright deb schwedhelm photography | one

ETA: i just read this article.  and the pictures. heart aches for the people of japan.

and a recent note from crista dix:

Life Support Japan + online print sale benefit information. Natural disasters happen all the time, like landslides, floods, earthquakes. We live on a planet that isn't static. Friday, March 11th, we witnessed a natural disaster with a very human toll. The earthquake in Japan was of such magnitude that even the most prepared nation in the world to handle a disaster of this type was overwhelmed. It wasn't the earthquake alone, which was devastating enough but watching a 30 foot high wall of mud and debris wipe entire communities away was beyond any ability I personally had to comprehend.

I had to do something. Aline Smithson, one of our gallery artists wanted to do something too. Ryan Nabulsi and Jennifer Schwartz joined the effort. Soon I was hearing from every part of our creative community that we wanted to reach out to help the people of Japan. Life Support Japan was created to bring assistance to those in Japan who need it.

We have selected two charities to benefit from the sales of these limited edition prints.

Direct Relief International, for help with medical supplies. Direct Relief works closely with the United Nations (U.N.) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA), which has activated to assemble the international response. Direct Relief has mobilized and staged materials at our headquarters, which are standing by ready for airlift to Japan.

Habitat for Humanity Japan, to help in the rebuilding of communities in and around Sendai and northern Japan.

Artists from around the globe have donated limited editions, over 300 to date, and we will be consistently updating the images available.

Galleries from around the US are banding together for a series of benefits, for these two and other charities to benefit relief efforts in Japan. We will be posting information as it becomes available.

Thank you for your support and for being part of a global community.

Crista Dix + wall space gallery.