it's what i don't capture enough of...my kids' every day wonderment. their every day life. their every day everything. one of my goals, wishes, hopes, desires, dreams this year is to photograph more of our real life.  i started to do it last year but it became more of a project (series aspiration) and only lasted one month until i became paralyzed. this year, i want to remove all pressure and just shoot for the beauty of capturing glimpses of their every day. because you know what...it really is magical.  and when it comes down to it, it's what i'll long for in the end.

this was ryder yesterday, in his fort, which he was so, so proud.  a treasured image...one that is destined for the pages of my 2011 annual book.

and then there's this one, taken last night, of sky -- all dolled up, to include eye shadow and lip gloss, and ready to go to her friend's 8th birthday party sleepover.  shot at night at 3200 ISO.