so what was it?

saw a great movie last night -- exit through the gift shop. i had absolutely no idea what it was about but saw that another photographer on twitter highly recommended it. that was good enough for me, to put it in my netflix queue. i don't want to give anything away but it's a banksy film, which i didn't know while watching it (thought he was just an actor in the documentary).  peta had introduced me to banksy years ago.

after the movie, i was left wondering... what was it? was he simply brilliant? was he a bit (or more than a bit) crazy? was he uber-confident? was he ultra-determined? was he always meant to be an artist?

i'd like to share a bit more but it would give some of the movie away, so i'll leave it at that. it's really a great documentary and opened my eyes about a lot of things and...made me think.

here's the trailer, although i'm not sure i'd be any more convinced to watch it after watching the trailer...

and an image i love of banksy's. i think i secretly would love to go grafitti inspiring phrases all over town. you know, like you are beautiful and be yourself and you can do anything. okay, maybe it's not so much of a secret anymore. but my husband said no. and with my luck, i'd probably get caught by the cops on my first outing anyways.