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yesterday, while i was cooking dinner, kiele presented me with this gift. for no other reason than to give. she wrote the poem. she painted the artwork. and shared that each image in the drawing has a connection with a word or line in the poem.

The Heart of a Whole A catching dream to fade away Along the chanting breeze Not the slightest wisp left behind A teardrop on a fallen song And when the stars blaze I could hope for nothing more Than the dove's surrendered gift Where half my heart goes to To the mother I always love - Kiele Marston 2011 (age 13)

polaroid of kiele, taken this morning before heading off to school

somewhere (wish i remembered where) i was recently reading about how as children, we simply create (draw, cut, paint, etc.) for the love of creating. we don't worry about who is going to like it or if anyone is going to like it.

we created it. we like it. and that's what matters.

and then we grow up and begin questionning ourselves. doubting ourselves. worrying about what others think. but i don't want to be that way; i want to get back to that magical place of childhood, where i create for the love of creating and not worry about what anyone else thinks. i hope (and will hope more as they continue to grow up) that my kids never lose this gift that every child is blessed with -- the gift of creating, for the simple love and enjoyment of creating.

i can't thank my children enough for being my most important and wondrous inspiration -- in my life, in my art, in my every day everything.