helping kids with cancer

do you have your christmas cards yet?  need a few more? or want to buy some to use next year?  all while also supporting an amazing charity!! well...

here's some holiday cards featuring artwork of children with cancer.  you can purchase the cards on the CURE to the KIDS website -- and 50% of the purchase price goes to NMTRC, a childhood cancer research and clinic trials foundation.

card pricing (includes envelopes):

25-499, $0.90 500-999, $ 0.80 1000+, $ 0.70 minimum order: 25 cards

this is max's card. max's dad shared that max drew this snowman in december 2007, right before his cancer began exploding throughout his little body.

please consider supporting CURE to the KIDS and order a set of christmas cards today.  or if you'd rather just donate the money, you can do so here, at max's ring of fire foundation.

max -- the first time i met and photographed him, which just happened to be december 2007.

you can see more photographs of max on the blog that max's dad set up for me, when we first started our journey together -- mashed potatoes for breakfast.