being social

most know about the beauty and power of social media... facebook twitter flickr blogging etc.

the list really goes on and on. but not long ago, i discovered pinterest and i think it's the greatest thing ever. a place where anyone can go and be inspired. about anything their heart desires. the terrible thing is that it's terribly addicting. but seriously...such a fabulous place to explore.

while on the topic of social media... at my rossfit christmas party the other night, i was talking to a new friend about blog reading. she shared about how she hops from favorite blog to blog. so i mentioned google reader, which she had never heard of. if you frequent blogs, i highly, highly recommend something like google reader.  it will save you loads of time (although maybe not because you might just start following twice as many blogs...or more).

and since i really don't have a photo to fit the theme of this post, i'm sharing this one... because i'm so excited to see this amazing and special family next week.  i'm seriously about to burst.  they are such a gift in my life.

steph was one of my very first clients in 2006. this baby is now four years old and they have two more added to their bunch :-))