being true

jasmine's blog is in my google reader and today, she blogged about selective clientele.  while her post is geared towards brides, her words are applicable to any and all commissioned photography.   she writes:

Each component of my brand--both personal and professional--does one of two things: 1. Attracts - Makes a prospective bride like me more (perhaps she likes dogs, chocolate, reality tv, and falafels as much as me) 2. Repels - Makes a prospective bride dislike me (perhaps she likes celery, Chekhov, and crocheting by the fire)

If you're trying to work with clients who fit your personality like a glove, here are a few things to consider... 1. Ensure your website is a true reflection of WHO you are, not WHAT you do. 2. Embrace the personal perspective of your business and showcase that perspective. 3. Showcase the type of imagery you want to always shoot (e.g. I want to shoot fun people, so I showcase fun/silly/laughing photos). 4. Educate prospective clients. (e.g. I want my brides to do a First Look, so I explain the importance and value). 5. Be personal. Yes, this means making yourself vulnerable. If people don't like you, who cares?! Be true to you...and those who love you will become you're biggest fans.

i absolutely love all jasmine shared and couldn't agree more.  be true to yourself.  be true to your clients.  in the end, you both will win.  they'll get the right photographer; you'll get the right client.  i hope my clients would say that i do this well...because i definitely try!!