i love her blog.i longed for the release of her book. and now i can't seem to bring myself to buy it. i mean i really want it. but then i struggle. i want to document my own advice to my kids.

polaroid from last year, in kansas.

and that brings me to another thought. my dear friends in san diego, who i cherish more than they'll ever know -- terry and richard. richard has battled cancer a few times (30 years ago, a few years ago and now) i remember so clearly when he was fighting MALT lymphoma a few years ago. you see... richard is the most amazing pediatrician (and man)!! they call him the baby whisperer. he's shared his thoughts, advice and medical wisdom with so many over the years. anyone who has had the opportunity to meet him and learn from him is so very blessed. and the thought of him not being able to share this with his own children (no grandchildren yet)... is a painful thought. so he began writing. creating a book... of this thoughts. guidance. wisdom. to pass on. through the years. through the generations. i'm not sure where things stand with his book. but i hope and pray he's been writing over these past few years. i definitely will be asking (and encouraging) the next time i talk to him.

a photo from when terry and richard first started dating. we had snuck it out, printed it huge and displayed it for their surprise 40th anniversary party.

terry & richard, with one of their sons and his new wife, at their wedding celebration this past summer.

so the folder has just been created and now sits on my desktop. as i begin to document my own advice. thoughts. anything. to pass on to my kids. and hopefully to their kids. and on and on.

thanks for the inspiration jaime. i will eventually buy the book.  it truly seems awesome. and... i mean really, could my kids ever have too much wonderful advice?!!

p.s. polaroid post still coming. in the next few days.  sometimes i just get a little side-tracked.