owning it

so...this photo of me was tagged on facebook yesterday.  and while my initial thought was that i was a tad bit embarrrased, i decided that instead, i would own it.

yep, this is me.  and this is often the way i shoot.  not sure where this oh-so-glamorous shooting position came from but it is what it is.  to be honest, i don't ever really think about how i shoot or what i look like, while shooting.  oh yea, that might be obvious by above photo. ;-)

so...i'm owning it!

this is how i shoot. this is how i capture the images i capture. this is me.

kristianne koch also captured this image of me shooting the canlas girls (left) at our wallflower friends retreat, in sundance, UT.  and then my image (right) -- shot at pretty much the exact same moment.  thanks for sharing kristianne!

i'm off today to san diego today, for a week of photographing clients.  it makes my heart so happy to have such amazing clients, who trust me to photograph their families over and over again -- some of them, i'm shooting for the third and fourth time.

with that said, i'm headed to the airport in a couple hours and must start packing. see you in a week!