a purple cow

on my flight to / from LA, i read an awesome book called purple cow by seth godin.  it's a book i highly recommend about transforming your business by being remarkable.  it's not specifically about photography, but rather businesses in general.  the book definitely gets you thinking. mr. godin shares...

my goal in purple cow is to make it clear that it's safer to be risky -- to fortify your desire to do truly amazing things. once you see that the old ways have nowhere to go but down, it becomes even more imperative to create things worth talking about.

and then i read zack arias' blog post (i swear i connect with everything that man posts) about film maker, brandon mccormick (whitestone motion pictures), and his upcoming major short film -- the candy shop.

oh my gosh. chills. scary. wow. i can't wait to see. REMARKABLE. an absolute purple cow.

and i found this awesome video on you tube. six minutes...so worth watching. truly inspirational.