today's photos

that was the title of my email, back on feb 17, 2006 -- 1-1/2 months after purchasing a DSLR and deciding to pursue photography. my great friend and fellow military spouse, shawn, found the emails and forwarded them to me today.  it's just so crazy to see images and read my thoughts, from when i first started photography.  and to think about where i am today.  i just feel so grateful!!

i get a lot of emails, from people inquiring about tips, recommendations for learning, business advice, etc.  and time and time again, i tell them something similar to this...

my best advice is to study, learn and practice as much as you can, from as many avenues as you can (books, online, peers, mentors, etc.). learning photography and becoming a good photographer takes time, dedication and hard work (lots and lots of each).  look within and allow yourself to grow...from within.  be cautious in comparing yourself to others (often a big mistake in the beginning).  there's no secrets.  there's no magic.  be passionate, honest patient and work your ass off.

here's what i had to say and share back then, feb 17, 2006...

...for photos today. It all started b/c Ryder got into Sky's buggy and it was so darn cute. He was just sitting there in it. So, I pulled down my background, got him undressed, got my camera and put him back in the buggy. he didn't want to have anything to do with it. I snapped a few and my exposure was off. I did my best to salvage the buggy photo but it still looks yucky. So then I tried to put Ryder on the chair for an opportunity to practice. Ooooh, was he mad. This is what I got out of the five minutes. I still think I ended up with some cute shots. Love the last one...I was trying to shoot his feet b/c he kept putting them like that and at the same time, he was screaming. That was the end!

Now I'm off to take a nap. Those 1 AM nights are really catching up to me today. I'm tired, eyes hurt, headache...pooped!


and the next day, i wrote this...

Well, Sky was totally into photos today so I ran with it. YAY! We had fun and it only took about five minutes to get these shots. I'm so excited b/c I feel that each day, it's getting easier for me to capture some pretty special moments. We didn't do anything special regular clothes, no fixing hair...just grabbed a couple chairs and started talking.

Enjoy! Deb

it's crazy to think about back then -- starting from nothing and working every single day to learn and grow as much as possible.  i am so grateful to all those who have encouraged and supported me throughout this most amazing journey -- especially my husband and kids.

here i am, today, proud to be a tampa children's and family photographer. i wouldn't be here without each and every one of you, who have been by my side...thank you!

and a couple photos of sky and ryder from earlier this month...