it's a sad day

...when you go to ebay and you see that polaroid 600 film is $5-plus per PICTURE.  in other words, one pack of polaroid 600 film is $50+ plus shipping. when i first started shooting polaroid with my SX70 camera, it was $1.50 per picture and that wasn't all that long ago. when i left kansas (in june), it was $3 per picture.

one can purchase 600 film from the impossible project WHEN they have it; it's out of stock most of the time.  and my last pack from there was terrible -- very yellow and almost every photo was...well...very yellow and not so great.  so i'm not that confident in 600 film from the impossible project at the moment.  although i've had my fair share of bad polaroid film from ebay too.

i've also tried TZ artistic and PX polaroid film and i'm just not a fan.

i'm sad as i seriously long to shoot 600 film with my SX70.

it all makes the polaroids that i have that much more amazing. and it makes me adore my instant recall gallery that much more.  i might just have to frame a polaroid or two in our new house (aka the mini-castle).

in closing and with a tear in my eye, i share a few of my polaroid favorites...

p.s. okay, maybe no tears but i really am sad.

p.s.s. on a most-incredible-happy note, we're officially closing on the mini-castle tomorrow.  walk-thru in 15 minutes.  :-)))