the winner is...

i'm excited to share that commenter number 10, alicia, was the winner of an 8x10 print, from last week's inspiring giving post.

alicia's print selection was the 'remember who you are' image, which i'll be shipping to her next week.

i learned that alicia and her family live in an RV and well, i'm pretty darn inspired by these awesome RVing families (i follow a few blogs). so i asked alicia if i could ask her a few questions, to share here...

how long have you been RVing? We have owned our RV since November, we will be moving into it full time in early May. So we are actually in the leaping stage.

how old are your children and what do they think about living in an RV? We have four kids -- ages 15, 12, 10 and 3. We just got back from a two week trip to Texas and it was a good trial run to see how things would go and how everyone felt about full timing. Our oldest is a little bit mournful of her friendships here but the great thing is that she can facebook and text with them whenever she wants. We've been homeschooling since our oldest was in 1st grade so we'll just continue that path on the road.

what do you love most about RVing on a full-time basis? I can already tell you what we love most. We love being all together. We have always lived pretty small and find that everyone ends up in the same room in our house. Our kids are the best of friends and the conversation rolls much easier for all of us in the RV. It's more simple. Everything about it screams simplicity. The challenge right now will be getting rid of our belongings and deciding what we need to take. Also the goodbyes will be a bit hard.

how do you decide where to go next? We will be traveling as my husband's job dictates. Most of his jobs will be about 6 weeks, so we head to Northern California first and then will go where his next job is. It looks like right now we will be spending some time in California, and I can't even tell you how happy that makes us all.

what or who inspires you? And really there are so many things and people that inspire us. Anytime we see someone take their dreams and go for it, it encourages us even more. Less than a year ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer and while he is now cancer free, we decided that time was too short and our kids won't be in the nest much longer. If not now when?

thanks so much for sharing alicia and congratulations -- i hope you love the print!

you can read more about alicia, her family and their travels here.