these two chairs

i think i've mentioned it on my blog a time or two before, but...we dream of owning an eichler someday.  so our house, whatever house we're living in at the time, is mostly furnished in a mid-century modern style.  we still  have a ways to go but piece by piece, our house becomes a bit more mid-century modern-ish. while in san diego, we picked up these two beat-up mid-century modern chairs from craigslist.  steve said that the core was good and i trusted him (he's almost always right).  but the cracked brown leather chairs sat in our garage for well over a year, waiting to be reupholstered.  shortly after we arrived to kansas, we located an awesome couple (lawyers turned upholsterers), who reupholster out of their house. and viola -- we had a set of kick-ass green frabric mid-century modern chairs.

we love our chairs. our kids love our chairs. charley loves our chairs.

i think more activity happens on these chairs than anywhere else in our house. it's really quite funny. and i've only captured a tiny fraction (over the past couple months) of what takes place in this one little space -- on these two chairs.

p.s. yes, that's sky filing her toenails, while sitting | balancing on the armrests of the chairs.

p.s.s. leah and i actually met, after i saw photos of her eichler on flickr.  i inquired about her house...a couple months and quite a few conversations later, we were invited over to her house for dinner.  and that's how our friendship began!