where do i start?

if i thought my mind was a swirly mess before, well...now it's a really crazy, swirly, mess. but it's a different kind of mess.  a grateful one--trying hard to focus on getting organized and getting something accomplished.  i can barely figure out where to start?  actually, i think everything on the to-do list has been started and nothing on the to-do list has been checked off.  i pretty much just keep bouncing around, from task to task...here, there and everywhere. even sitting here at my keyboard, thinking i finally might have a blog post figured out, i struggle.  too many thoughts in my head.  too much i want to share.

hmmmm... i guess i'll start with the fact that the wallflower friends retreat was absolutely amazing. seriously. absolutely. amazing!! leah and i feel so very blessed... and thankful!

meet the spring wallflower friends.

hopefully in the next few days, we'll be launching the wallflower friends blog, where we'll share much more about the retreat.

for the moment, let me say that the experience touched my soul and without a doubt, has impacted me for a lifetime.

after the retreat in twentynine palms, i drove to san diego, to shoot 10 client sessions. it's hard for me to explain my feelings through it all. it was definitely more emotional than usual.

having not shot much in kansas city, i had almost forgotten how much shooting means to me; how much photography is a part of my soul.  there was actually a time this winter, where i felt that i was losing myself--a misunderstanding of sorts.

and then the shooting in san diego began, and i couldn't have been happier.  it was as if a part of me was alive again.  i felt like i could have shot 30 more sessions--right then and there. my heart was happy and session by session, my heart was becoming more and more full.  and i was becoming more and more alive again.

i had missed shooting even more than i had realized.

in closing, i share a few wallflower friends and san diego images (details coming soon, in future posts :-) ).

p.s. thank you for being patient with my lack of blogging. i'll simply blame it on stress.