do what you love...

and do it passionately.  that's what i think about when i watch edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. i mean seriously...are they passionate about what they do or what?!  super love them.  i can only imagine how awesome they are live.  i now have them loaded in pandora. curious to see what pandora produces because i don't think there's anyone quite like them!!

also, this NY times article came across facebook today. i had read the salwen's story a while back.   so inspiring.  they've now written a book about their experience and  have a power of half blog here, which i plan on checking out later today.

i've been thinking a lot lately (more than usual) about what i'm meant to do in this world. i feel, deep in my soul, that i'm meant to do something greater. sometimes this thought really weighs on me...that i'm not doing enough. that there's something else waiting for me. for my family. do you ever feel like that? i know that someday i'll figure it out. maybe the time isn't quite right right now. i guess that's the deal that i make with myself. to alleviate the ache a bit.

i will figure it out. i will. and until then, i will live with the ache.

ETA: ended up buying edward sharpe and & the magnetic zeros in itunes. pandora didn't do them justice. they are a-ma-zing!!