the purple drink

if you follow me on facebook or twitter, you've probably already heard me talk about the purple drink.  but i love it so much, i had to share here too.  we were originally introduced to the purple drink by my sweet new zealand friend, peta, last spring.  she's a vegetarian and actually introduced me to all kinds of fabulous, healthy vegetarian foods. the purple drink is kind of a variation of a green smoothie. if you haven't heard of green smoothies, here's a recipe from dr. oz, from oprah, and i came across this recipe list of green everything.  if you google green smoothie recipe, you can find tons more.

someone on facebook recently dared others to read the green smoothies diet book, which has been added to my to-read list, but i have a few other books i'd like to read first.

our smoothie quickly became known as the purple drink because we always include strawberries and blueberries, making it dark purple in color.  prior to my recent vitamix purchase, i always made our smoothie with: soy milk banana frozen blueberries frozen strawberries huge handful or two of spinach blend and top with lowfat granola and fresh strawberries and/or bananas.

now that i have a vitamix, i've starting changing and adding different fruits and vegetables (not sure why it took the vitamix to try some of the fruits below): carrots broccoli pineapple avocado apples mango

i'm really excited to experiment with kale, parsley and romaine lettuce too.  kale is something i normally don't like at all.

also, a friend recently told me about almond breeze and i now use it instead of soy milk. my family enjoys drinking the almond breze by itself too. me...i'm not a milk drinker.

i share this because i have never been a huge fruit or veggie eater and now i'm getting daily fruits and vegetables and so loving it (the purple drink). and my kids love it too.  :-) should try it!!

here's a pic i took yesterday, for my grateful 365 project--grateful for peta sharing about the purple drink and my new vitamix.