do i dare?

do i dare buy another fabulous art print, from etsy, to be added to the growing pile that has been sitting for months (piled so perfectly in their perfect little holding place). that pile...that i so desperately need to frame and find a place for. because... if i dare, this print is going to be it. how perfect is this to commemorate this kansas journey. :-)

and i meant to share this a while ago, but somehow got sidetracked (imagine that).  look at this awesome heart, made from fujifilm instax prints, in the home of these fab wedding photographers,.  they put the photos up using thumb tacks.  i think it would be awesome to somehow adhere the photos to a mounting board or piece of wood, to make a permanent piece of art.  and i so love their hanging lights!

lastly, did you hear that polaroid is teaming up with lady gaga?  as creative director and inventor of specialty products, per the article.  i'm not exactly sure what all this means; however, it does mean that things are moving forward with bringing polaroid back in 2010.  woo hoo!