sweet changes

this is such a sweet electronic christmas card | gift. i discovered them through a blog i follow. i guess this couple has a no-christmas-gift agreement this year and instead, they are supporting a child in uganda. as i spent too much money and bought too many things for the kids this christmas, i've already begun thinking about some serious changes that i hope to make next christmas. one of the changes i'm very seriously contemplating is no gift giving! i haven't talked to steve about it yet, but i know he'd totally support it.  instead, i'd like to donate money to a couple charities, in the name of each person we would normally buy a present for. of course, the kids will still get some gifts from santa but i think we will even talk to santa about our family's wish to donate to charities...maybe we'll request just one or two really special gifts.

and as we purchased and addressed over 120 christmas cards this year, i thought about going electronic next year. not because i'm lazy. but because i'd rather have the money go to charity and save a couple trees at the same time.  when you think about how much the cards, labels, paper and stamps cost...that's a pretty good chunk of change going to charity.

lastly, i've now added sufjan stevens in my pandora (thanks to the christmas video below). digging his music!

Shaped, Coloured (Happy Christmas) from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.