let me introduce you

...to a most fabulous artist and friend, erin darcy. she has a magical personality, a soulful, beautiful spirit, an incredible way with words and is so darn talented. yes, i am in love with erin...and her work. i recently commissioned erin to do a piece of art for my house, which she's still working on. and later a camera girl--an idea i had, for our upcoming workshop retreat.  well camera girl quickly evolved into a series of camera girls, which will be available for purchase, in erin's etsy boutique, soon.  hopefully in the next few weeks.

i adore every bit of erin's work and would be proud to own and display any one (or all) of her pieces (if only i had more wall space).

please take a minute to check out erin's artwork here. so perfect for christmas gifts (and she's offering free shipping through the holidays)!!

and... here is me, as a camera girl--so magically envisioned and created by erin! i love her.