just had to share

i meant to share this TIME article quite a while ago.  i had read it in november, while at kiele's last cochlear implant appointment.  it's such a great, super interesting, slightly controversial article. if you don't have the time to read it right now, print it.  and read it later.  totally worth the time to read. so much to think about. and then today, i came across this blog post. i wasn't aware of this blog before, but will definitely be following it from here on out.

i have to admit. i totally believe in free-range parenting. and i'm not afraid to discipline my children in public either. even if the old man in line behind me at the commissary disagrees with my public nose-in-the-corner disciplining for a purposely squished loaf of bread and tells me that i'm going to damage my children forever. my response:

i'm sorry you don't agree with my disciplining of my children.  but i have a well-behaved, kind, loving, good-natured 12 year-old, who seems to be doing just fine...and she was disciplined.

my free-range kids, who surprised me with this snowman a couple weeks ago...