this might just be for you

what if this is itright here right now your defining moment

what if every event, heartache, and mistake was perfectly planned to lead you into the situation you presently find yourself in

what if mystic voices whispered answers to you while you sleep and people are carefully thrown in your path all for the evolution of your greatest good whether you like them or not

what if it did not matter what you did or said or felt in the past

what if it was not an accurate prediction of what your future will look like

what if you were not the only one feeling this way tired and lost joyful and free all at the same time

what if others were also thirsty for the same soul balm you were craving

what if you could meet them simply by following your own truth

what if the reason you don’t fit in feel outside the box outside the norm is because you were not built to fit but to create your own molds and make your own set of rules

what if they were wrong the mean voices that live in your head that say things like “no you can’t” and “that is not possible” and “what a stupid idea”

what if those voices do not belong to you but some hurt angry child you never met that needs love and care

what if your faults were also your assets disguised as flaws

what if nothing was random not even a spilled cup of coffee or a broken heel on the way to work

what if there is no one left to impress

what if there is nothing wrong with you and nothing wrong with them

what if it was all stripped away

your comforts distractions addictions and praise

so you could finally meet the raw, naked version of yourself

who is much stronger and bad ass than you expected

what if this helps you see what you are really made of

and you realize that is it not only more than enough but that you

yes you dear soul are nothing short of extraordinary! - the words of the gifted, magical soul, mccabe russell (shared with permission) ...and just think about it.