getting started

i've made a family book every year, since starting photography, in 2006.  and today, i began designing our annual family book and wanted to include a couple of the kids' drawings this year. when kiele saw what i was doing, she asked if she could write a poem about our family, for the book. of course!

she said it like it is.  i love that.  and it so cracks me up...

blue eyes, blonde hair, sweet little giggles and pink dresses...that's our sky. acts tough + goofy + funny smiles + dirty blonde hair + deep blue eyes is the math equation for ryder. horse rider, light blonde hair, deaf, blue eyes and a good friend is a child named kiele. both step and father, brown hair, tri-colored eyes, an engineer and in the military...a wonderful guy named steve. mother to three, rings everywhere, changing temperment, blonde hair, thinking blue eyes is a photographer named deb. cheerful barks, a wagging stumpy tail, sly and black all over is the furry charley bear! kiele, age 12

and here's a snapshot of the layout of the book. it will greatly evolve over the next few weeks, but at least i'm now off to a good start.  i'll share the book layout once it's done.