today's treasure

kiele emailed me this letter (below) this morning.  i know i talk a lot about being thankful, but when you get treasures like this (often), how can one not be thankful! The Schwedhelm and Marston Kids Letter to Santa

October 4, 2009 Dear Santa,

This year, Skyler, Ryder and I (Kiele) would like everything listed below for Christmas.

Skyler’s List- 1.More Jewelry (charms for my little charm neckless, more pink necklesses, light pink heart earings, dark pink circle earings, lots of nice looking necklaces) 2.Pink picture frame of Amaya and I from San Diego 3.Some Treehouse chapter books for me to read 4.To be able to do ballet lessons (if I do get to do it can I have some shoes and a suit?) 5.A salon day (to get my hair and nails done!!!) 6.How to make different hairdos book 7.A pink flower clip for my hair 8.A cute little pink, diamond purse and wallet

Ryder’s List- 1.Transformers 2. G.I. Joe toys 3.Squirt guns 4.Books (Star Wars, Snakes, Spider) 5.Some superhero movies (spiderman,superman,star wars,batman and transformer) 6.A black picture frame of me and morgan and maddox 7.Hot wheel cars with cool, different tracks

Kiele’s List- 1.Letter kit, so I can try to save some animals (a cute kit to make pretty cards and envelopes) 2. Cute clothes (little scarf like Sky’s pink one) 3. Some things out of the PB teen magazine 4. To be able to take care of horses 5. To see my BFF Natalie for Christmas 6. If I’m lucky a pet HORSE!!!!!!!

The Pet’s List- 1. A long leash so Charley can play in the front yard 2. Some yummy dog treats!!! 3. A plant in the fish bowl (for Pumpkin and Autumn) 4. Maybe new toys 5. Tasty toothpaste that Charley actually likes

Thank you for all the presents you provide us every year. Love you and we can’t wait for Christmas day. You will get plenty of milk and chocolate cookies on chistmas eve. Bye Santa.

From: Kiele Marston, Skyler and Ryder Schwedhelm and Charley, Autumn and Pumpkin Schwedmar (a combination of Schwedhelm and Marston)


the original letter is much more fun and decorative--with drawings, fancy writing and all.  santa will for sure be getting this letter, even if it was written almost three months in advance.

and of course, a photo, to accompany the letter.  took this with my iphone today.  and when i did, kiele said,

why are you taking photos with your phone all the time now and not your camera?

well... that's because my camera and two lenses are getting cleaned, checked and repaired, if needed, at canon (irvine, CA).  i'm also working with steve's laptop because my computer is on the fritz...needs a new video card.  definitely grateful for steve's laptop as a backup, but i miss my mac pro!

hmmm...i guess i should have included charley and the fish in this pic but oh well.  and as kiele says, peace out!