number 30

they're gross.they're nasty. they're dirty. they stink. you'll look terrible. i'll support you but when you hate them, i'll say i told you so.

i've heard it all. and i've done my research.

on november 18th, i'll be crossing number 30 off my bucket list...i'm getting dreadlocks.  i'm so excited and a tad bit nervous.  i've always been one of those people, who would stare at those people--those people, with dreadlocks--in awe.  but it wasn't out of disgust; it was out of admiration and longing.  for as long as i can remember, i've loved dreadlocks.  i can't even explain why.  i just always have!

i've been talking to steve about getting dreadlocks for quite a while now.  at times he was okay with it.  other times, he was like, why?  why do you need to do that? whatever...

it went back and forth like that for quite a while....until recently, when i shared with him that i'm really ready.  i'm at that place in my life that i really want dreads.

i. am. ready.

and he got it.

steve had no clue what to get me for my birthday and so he got me the most magical gift...a southwest gift card, to go get dreads.  his way of supporting me and letting me know it's okay to move forward.

so on november 17th, i'm flying from here to OR, for one day.  my dread appointment is on nov 18th and then that evening, i fly to san diego for 3 1/2 days of shooting.  and then back to KS.

once i got steve's support, i worried about two people giving me hell: kiele's dad and my in-laws (i guess that actually makes three). well i also knew that kiele would have a hard time with the whole thing, but she's too young to really give me hell (more on my kids' reactions in a later post).

when i broke it to kiele's dad via email, his reply was: as for the dreadlocks, no surprise. you were meant to be one of those artists who congregates in eclectic locations around the US. but you have other obligations (husband and family) that keep you from that lifestyle. the 60s was your era, but unfortunately you were born too late for that scene.

and then i broke it to my MIL a few days ago, when my in-laws were visiting. and for some reason, she wasn't very surprised. she kind of just nodded her head and asked a few questions, as i talked about things and showed her pics on the it was no big deal. either she had already been forewarned on facebook (yes, she's on FB and so are steve's siblings) or...she just wasn't surprised because there always seems to be something new with me (nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, etc.). i still don't know what my FIL's reaction will be, but i can't imagine it a very encouraging one. we will see.


so... my appointment is made. my plane ticket is purchased. my care products are on their way. i'm getting dreads!

i do have a few concerns. i'm super tender headed. and the dreading process can hurt. i also have fine hair (curly and a lot, but fine)...breakage worries me. of course, i've already talked to my dread stylist about this and she has assured me that it'll be okay.

during the hours when i can't sleep at night, i think and worry about...what my dreads will look like, if my hair is going to fall out, how itchy my scalp is going to be (i actually itch my scalp throughout the night).  but in my waking moments, i dream and wish my dreads to one day look like this (see below), except i'm going to leave some loose hair in the front.  one of my friends had described it's kind of like business in front and a party in the back.  sigh...i love that.

photo courtesy of delight's flickr stream

i'll definitely keep you posted throughout this dread journey. of course, there will be no BS either. if it hurts like hell, itches like crazy or'll know. if i hate'll know. and if i love'll know!