art, balance and beauty

in native american languages, there is no word for art. it is simply assumed that if you are going to make something, you will make it as beautiful as possible. in the navajo language, the word for balance and the word for beauty are the same.- leslie gray

found this quote quite a while ago, while reading a magazine in a doctor's office and...i love, love, love it.  what a concept... art. and balance.   and beauty. and always making something as beautiful as possible.

and speaking of beauty... remember this beautiful field?  

well sadly, almost all the glorious weeds are gone and it has turned into this--a construction mess!

i'm not sure what they're doing, but the land where this field is and all the surrounding open land, is for sale.   i'm sure...soon enough, it will all sadly be developed. coming from san diego, where pretty much every bit of land is developed, i really love the vast, beautiful open fields, where we in kansas.

it serves as a great reminder... when i have a location i want to shoot at or an idea that i've been wanting to shoot...i need to get my butt out there and do it.  you never know what might happen.  thank goodness my girls and i got to this field before the tractor did, as these photos are some of my favorites ever!!

and darn it...i had so wanted to get some photographs in the corn fields and now they are brown and many of them have been cut down. i think we will be gone before the corn fields grow again. i shouldn't have waited. darn it! darn it!