my portfolio is me.

i saw this in an academy of art university ad quite a while ago and forgot that i had it saved as a blog draft.  i love it so! my portfolio is me. everything that i am and it's everything that i'm not. it's my strengths and my weaknesses. it's my self-confidence and -esteem. my past. my present. and most definitely my future. my portfolio is where i'm going. where i've been. and the places i shouldn't have been and shouldn't go. it's everything. it's my inspiration and never finished. always a work in progress. it's everything i've ever seen, heard, touched, smelled, sensed and believed. it's my worst fears and all my hopes all at the same time. it's the beginning of the beginning and the end of an era. and so much more than a phase. it's my portfolio and describing it is describing me.

i wish i could find an artist that could make a cool print out of these words. i think it's rather brilliant and would love the words up on my wall!


i've always said that i'd love to one day attend photography school.  it's just something that i feel i need to do.  one of those things.  and...i just noticed that the academy of art university's school of photography offers online AA, BFA and MFA programs.  hmmm...i might have to investigate this some more.

and since a post just doesn't seem complete without a photo, i'll share this one.  i dug it out of the archives today, for a friend (sending her some strength and hope). sky, taken in 2008. sigh...she's grown up so much since then.