i'm so blessed, i can't stand it!

it's funny because i must say "i can't stand it" a lot.  today, ryder said that his friend's dog was so cute, he couldn't stand it. now on to the real reason for this post...

i have an amazing, incredible friend, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  she's having surgery in two weeks and i wanted to give her something special--a gift of strength, encouragement and hope.  i posted on facebook, looking for ideas, and got the most heartwarming responses.

this amazing soul offered to hand make a very special something for her.  and on her blog, i found this most fabulous print, from guest blogger leonie allen.  a print that you can download for free (although you should hurry b/c i'm not sure if it's supposed to still be downloadable).  i will soon have the print framed, hanging beautifully and proudly right next to my desk.  oh my...it feeds my soul!

so as we all dream to create our own magic, i encourage you to read the blogs of amazing people like this.

yes, my heart if full.  and i am so blessed.  so very, very blessed!