good bye san diego

distance never separates those that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. but whenever i start feeling sad because i miss you, i remind myself how lucky i am to have someone so special to miss.- author unknown here i sit, in a surreal state, as i listen to the crunch of the papers and the screech of the tape behind me...the movers packing the last of the remaining framed prints that once proudly graced our walls.  most everything is now packed and ready to be loaded on the truck tomorrow role in this moving chaos is now mostly complete.  our suitcases are ready and stashed in the designated "don't pack zone", soon to be loaded in our cars.  our time in our san diego house, the one we called home for the past 4 1/2 years, is done.  we will stay elsewhere tonight and the our adventure begins.

are we really leaving? has our time in san diego really come to a close? really?

sometimes i can't believe our time in san diego has come to a close but it has. i keep my fingers crossed that we will return in the next nine years--the time steve has left before he retires. and maybe if i cross them really, really tight, we'll be back in a year, after steve's school is finished in KS.


i was just called away.  the mover...calling me with a packing question, in the back room. as i walk down the hall, i see my kids, in an empty room--all but the dressers and TV--as they watch cartoons.  they do this, as their world around them is packed up in a variety of boxes, rather immune to it all. me...i guess at this point, i'm kind of numb. or rather a mix of emotions--none of them able to fully express themselves.

okay, maybe the kids are not so ryder just had another crying tantrum, something he has become quite fond of over the past couple weeks.  i can't help to think that these tantrums stem from this current unknown and disruption in his life. this is all so hard to grasp for the kids. skyler last moved at 18 months and ryder, one month old.


i said my good-byes to most. well sort of, in my own cowardly way. if you read this post, you know what i'm talking about. and no shawn, that's *not* why i didn't show up for the dance fest on saturday. ;-)

i don't know. i've done this six other times and it still feels weird. i kind of don't even know what to say at the moment except...moving sucks.

i'll leave you with some polaroids of a few of my favorite san diego things--favorite for one reason or another. i'm planning to do a formal san diego favorites post, when i have more time and can do the post more justice (once settled in KS).

and you can follow our travels, from san diego to kansas city, by following me here, on twitter. i have my phone twitterfied and will be posting our happenings throughout the days...throughout the miles. if you don't know what twitter is, read about it in the june 5th edition of time magazine or you could just read it here!  come on.  just do it...follow me.

hope to see you again soon san diego.  thanks for being so good to us.