the happiest place on earth

we keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.- walt disney

we are back.  from the happiest place on earth.  unless of're skyler and you don't get to ride the carousel horse with pink flowers that you so had your heart set on riding.  oh to be a five-year-old at the happiest place on earth and have to settle for a horse with a pink saddle and jewels...poor, poor child.

seriously though.  we had the most amazing time.  we were together as a family.  yes, we were together...a complete family of five.  having a blast and not having a worry in the world, except how many rides we can ride before the bulk of the disney crowd arrives, at which time we would head to the pool, for the remainder of our not-a-worry-in-the-world day...not a care in the world except having as much fun in the sun as possible.

oh... and... steve and i determined that while the rest of the US might be in a recession, somehow disney has figured out the magic secret in avoidance of such a recession.  there were so many damn people at disney.  and disney aint cheap!  

one night, we went out for dinner outside of disney and chatted with the restaurant's manager for a bit, who shared with us how business has continued to be really great for them...even through these trying time.  it just amazes me.  and makes me want to throw up.

steve and i also established that neither of us are big of fans of theme parks.  the kids wanted to go.  so we went.  all we really cared about was being together.  and the kids having fun with their daddy.  but the next time, we'll be elsewhere.  if steve has anything to say about it, we'll be on a week-long sailboat trip somewhere, with steve as the ship's captain.  i think kiele would vote for that vacation too.  we will see.   


the above photo is the only photo i took at disneyland.  for real.  the first two days, i didn't even take my camera into the park.  finally on the third day, i convinced myself that i had to at least take a few pictures.  the first shot i took...was of poor, poor skyler.  the last shot...poor, poor skyler.  and so i was done taking pictures at disneyland.

and now...i am in the middle of a photography cleansing.  i just need a break.  for the moment, i don't want to even pick up my camera.  yes, a break will be good.  i have print orders to finish and then i am done.  okay, not exactly true.  i do have two more sessions before i leave san diego but not for a while.  and so the cleansing least for a little while.

while i've said this before, i once again proclaimed that i'm getting a point and shoot camera and when we do things as a family, i'm taking only that camera...and i'm not worrying about anything. i'm not worrying about getting the perfect shot.  i'm not worrying about getting the perfect composition.  nothing...just capturing the memories. that's all.  i want to get back to being the mom that took a shitload of snapshots.  what happened to that mom?  i'm digging deep to try and find her again and hoping a new (underwater) point and shoot camera will help bring her back out.  i miss her.


so now... we're home. back to reality. steve is back to work (ugh!). and we're moving forward...preparing for our move to kansas. lots to finish here. lots to prepare for there. i'm excited for the adventure. yet nervous and anxioius about what lies ahead. definitely a new path--one that i am willing to embrace with arms wide open because if we're going to do this, we're going to do this right. ;-)