well here i am. five minutes before leaving and blogging. yep. don't want to forget the moments. or the feelings. me: come on guys. we need to get ready to go get daddy. ryder: girls. we're going to iraq. we're going to iraq. we're going to get daddy. me: we're not going to iraq. we're going on base. me thinking: ...forget it.

kiele: mom, you look different. me: why? how do i look different? kiele: you just do. me: how kiele? kiele: you look happy. really, really happy and we haven't seen you like this in a long time. peta: your mum is glowing...from the inside out.

so here we are. signs are up. deployment flag and yellow ribbon down. house is clean. we're dressed up and ready to go. to be complete again.

and kiele's right. i'm really, really happy...the kind of happy that i haven't seen or felt for the past seven months.

talk soon. when i'm complete again.