what's up?

man, i feel like it's been forever since i blogged. since i really blogged. the weekend before last, i had a mentoring session. and the following weekend...another. i've contemplated mentoring for quite a while and then all of a sudden, it just happened...kind of fell in my lap. i can't say that i had anything specifically written up, but that almost worked out for the best. we talked about anything and everything and went on a shoot together. i was honest and completely open and tried my best to cover everything they requested that i cover. teaching...and giving makes my heart happy and i hope to do much more of it in the very near future.  hopefully crystalynn and katrina got just as much out of the mentoring as i did.  thanks girls!  i had such an awesome time :-)

thanks BJ for this photo of crystalynn and i shooting together.


and this past weekend, i had the opportunity to photograph a family--a friend of mine and her husband and three kids--before her husband deploys this friday, for six months. at one point, while photographing him and her...snuggling, laughing, sharing, loving--i burst into tears. i didn't expect it to be so emotional, but the fact that they are about to embark on this journey that i am almost done with...well, it just broke my heart. i know they will do great, but...it's still so very hard.  love you pal!

it was right around this moment that set me off and had me in tears...


all in all, things have been good but pretty darn busy--trying to balance regular life, photography business and now deaf/hard-of-hearing (DHH) advocacy. i'm not really complaining...just trying my best to do...and balance it all (well).

speaking of DHH advocacy, it's another one of those things that i feel i was meant to do in life. completely. entirely.  i see big things in the future--a hope to present at a national DHH convention, creating a oral DHH child website, focused on mainstreamed education and advocacy, paving the way for oral DHH children, etc. with that being said, it all takes time...and 24 hours in a day is just not enough.


last but not least... only 22 days left. yep, can you believe it? 22 days until our family is complete again...until steve is home...and by my side again. yay, yay, yay!