i heart it so

if there was an anthropologie anonymous, i think i would have to join.  and i'm sure my husband would agree...but he's in iraq and doesn't quite know the extent of the addiction. okay seriously, i'm not draining our bank account, but it's taking every bit of me not to.  when i'm not shopping for clothes at anthropologie, i'm still there--just browsing for decorating ideas, inspiration, etc. i was in the store the other day and wanted to swipe one of their homemade signs on cardboard that said, excuse our creativity, as they were in redesign mode. i didn't but i did think about asking them if i could buy one. needless to say, i will be making one of my own excuse our creativity signs and displaying it proudly. and when i'm not physically in the store, i'm looking through their catalogue, which so rocks (have you seen their photography?).

when i think about anthropologie, i think of a mix of modern and vintage, put together in the most splendid way.  and that just so happens to be my decor love.  i love modern (really love), but still have this deep-seated love affair with vintage.  our dream home...an eichler, decorated with a perfect mix of mid-century modern and vintage. that will hopefully come after our year-long family sailing adventure.

seriously.  i just heart anthropologie.  and just needed to share with the world (or whoever might read my blog)... hi, my name is deb. and i am an anthropologie addict.

p.s. my dress for steve's homecoming (IN 20 DAYS) is from anthropologie.  where else would it be from? p.s.s. above photo is a screen capture from anthroplogie catalogue.