flatter me, and i may not believe you.criticize me, and i may not like you. ignore me, and i may not forgive you. encourage me, and i will not forget you. - william arthur ward

am i gush-worthy? i don't think so but zack does and that means the world to me.  and i think the same about him. i actually admire and respect him so--not only his work, but also him as a person.  and his wife rocks too...literally (i met them a while back at zack's awesome one-light workshop).  

my work is the third critique, so you have to be a bit patient.

thanks for the feedback, encouragement and supportive words zack!  

i really can't wait to start shooting for me again.  it's been a while, but soon enough, i'm guessing i will have plenty of me time (in KS).

p.s. i had a couple people ask me about zack's review and why?  my response, why wouldn't i want his review?  shouldn't we, as artists, always seek portfolio reviews and suggestions from those we respect and admire. having only been on this photography journey for three years (picked up SLR in 2006), i think i have lots of room for improvement and growth.

p.s.s. if you missed zack's incredible video that i previously posted, you can find it here.  it is a must watch!!  you won't be disappointed...i promise.