excuse my creativity

be aware of wonder.live a balanced life. learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. - robert fulghum

max's grandpa is a frequent reader of my blog and after i blogged this post, i got the following email:

Hi Kid! Went into the Anthropolige (sp) in Carlsbad the other day on a mission to beg, buy, or rip-off the "Excuse our creativity" sign for you. No luck! There wasn't one to be found.

then later that day, i got another email:

Me again! There is an "Excuse our creativity" sign for "Deb" waiting for you in the manager's office at the UTC store in La Jolla. Just couldn't let you down on this one!

as i read his email, i was in tears by his kindness...going out of his way to get me one of those signs. i mean really...he would not step a foot in anthropologie otherwise.

so yesterday, i told my friend peta, a photographer who is visiting me for a couple weeks, from new zealand...we need to go pick up that sign from anthropologie. we go into the store and i tell the manager the story. she says,

i'm not sure i can just give you that sign.

i start to get choked up and say,

did you see the sign in the office? does it have my name on it?

yes, but it's not standard policy to just give customers our display signs.

i shared a bit of max's story and what max's grandpa did for me and told her that whether i have to pay for the sign or not, i'm not leaving here without one of those signs. she tells me that she has to ask the visual department, who is currently at lunch and should return in 30 minutes. okay. but before we left anthropologie, the visual department had returned and said it was okay for me to have a sign.

thank goodness b/c i was thinking that i might just have to break into the manager's office and make a run for it.

so please... excuse my creativity.

love ya john! from the bottom of my heart, i thank you.

p.s. here's where our rings started, when we were at the 100 day point until steve's return.  and today, we have only 12 DAYS LEFT!  WOO HOO!