you're not as fluffy

me: i'm really trying hard to work out these days. and trying to take better care of myself.friend: i can tell. you don't look as fluffy as you did this past summer. me: (lol) thanks. i'm glad to hear i'm not looking as fluffy. (still lol)

gotta love a friend that will tell you that. and i do. i love her. i adore her frankness and honesty. not many people would tell you that you were looking fluffy not so long ago. and of course, the whole conversation motivated me b/c maybe my working out is actually paying off.

although...i've actually stopped running.  not completely but i've stopped running outdoors b/c my knee is still acting up. since november.  pain on the outer side of my left knee and now some strange swelling on the inside of the same knee. so i've turned to the gym. elliptical machine. a mile to a mile and a half on the treadmill (knee doesn't hurt for these short runs). free weights. and a kicking-my-ass weight training class. i rotate through. and i'm feeling good. really good. hmmmm...the last time that i really worked out prior to now (and was in shape) was pre little ones, about eight years ago. really? did i just say that? eight years ago? yikes!

here's to not looking as fluffy. and having time for pretty toenails, which i do not have right now.


we're doing well. missing steve terribly but in the big scheme of things...we really are doing well. we're happy. we're healthy. and not quite crazy yet. the one thing that is difficult right now is the unknown. i think i've mentioned it before, that steve is due for a new assignment this july. we still have no idea what is going to end up happening and the anticipation makes me almost crazy. some locations that were proposed to steve are (listed in order of which steve told the detailer he's interested--it's a long story as to why this list is the way it is): - one year unaccompanied in bahrain (yes, steve would come home, only to leave again for a year.  but steve heard that the job was given to another guy before steve was able to email the detailer back.) - 18 months in monterrey - one year in KS (kids and i would stay here.) - two years in HI (there's actually two jobs available in HI.)

yes, you read right...hawaii was offered as a possibility and yes, it's our last choice in locations to go. like i said, it's all a long story. the funny thing is that i don't even know if one of the above will end up being where steve ends up. the military system often works that way...a list of choices, only to end up getting none on the list. so there is no need in my getting worked up and/or excited about anything until orders are in hand (or at least firm in the computer system). for the moment, i sit in this big bubble of unknownness.


i've been busy finishing up the last of my 2008 clients (books, albums, etc.). i've started shooting 2009 clients (and am booked until april). running the kids around for school stuff, gymnastics, fencing, etc.  and i've taken to redecorating our house. seems to happen every time that steve is gone for an extended period of time. he knew it was going to happen. so he rolls with it, although i'm sure it drives him crazy. new kitchen table. new kitchen chairs. new wall art. new bedding. and soon to have a new rocker. all modern. so exciting. now if we just had a cool eichler to go with the new furniture.