what we give

we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.- winston churchill

a friend and i were talking today. she's a military spouse and photographer also and relocating in march to VA, after only being in FL for about six months. she was talking about how when she restarts her photography business in VA, she really wants charity work to be a significant part of her business. i...feel the same way.

giving back is and always will be an integral part of my business and who i am as a person. there's times when i wish i could give more but i do what i can, for the place that i'm in and at right now. later, when my kids are older and my husband is home more, maybe i can give more.

while i never, ever expect to get anything in return, i always do.  i get the good for your soul kind of something--that something that cannot be touched, but instead felt with your heart and soul.  that's what i get and that's what giving is all about.  but every now and then, i get an incredible little treasure like this...

deb, you are so amazing. i wish there were words to tell you how much this means to us. the gift you give to people is so powerful and something that is timeless. i remember when i was sick i would look through our coffee table book and cry. i could literally remember that entire day and all those emotions. but that coffee table book gave me hope. it reminded me of the love we had at a time when i so lost. it brought back feelings that helped me to know that everything would be ok. what you do cannot be described with words. i just wish somehow i could repay you. if there is anything i can ever do, please don't hesitate.

give what you can. give when you can. just give something... and see how good it feels.

i'll close with a couple photos of sam and his family.  shooting sam is one of my ways of giving back.

p.s. speaking of giving. i still have to announce my giving is awesome winner, which will hopefully happen this week.