spiritual journey

spirituality to me is the greatest discovery of life...for me, spirituality is recognizing that i am connected to the energy of all creation—that i am a part of it and it is always a part of me.- oprah winfrey

i was at the gym the other day and while running on the treadmill, oprah came on the TV--an episode on spirituality.

spirituality is an instinct. when we talk about spirituality, we talk about something that is already inside us, the instinct that we are more than mind and bodyy, said elizabeth lesser. spirituality is often simply accepting where life takes you.

some other thoughts on spirituality, from the oprah show...

eckhart tolle described spirituality as a state of openness, a connection with yourself, being aware of the aliveness of this present moment.

marianne williamson described spirituality as coming to a point where you can say to yourself, i want to be the person i'm capable of being. i want to be that. making the choice to try our best.

rabbi kula states, you have to practice becoming alert, becoming more conscious, becoming aware...becoming kinder, more compassionate and more caring. when you are grateful for things, you develop your heart.

rev. bacon says spirituality is where we stop, breathe, become still inside...to experience something larger than we are.

michael beckwith states that everyone is spiritual. when you begin noticing the things you are grateful for, you will stop seeing the obstacles. you see possibilities and potential--open to more inspiration, more wisdom, more guidance.


yes. yes! YES!

i cannot even begin to express how much i connected with the words i heard.  i don't think i've fully discovered my spiritual potential; however, i definitely believe that i'm on my way. and the journey feels good.