getting easier?

missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will.- author unknown

well, i'm not so sure how true the above quote is, but i like to think so. we started this deployment, knowing we were going to be apart for over 200 days. and the kids and i have been talking about how when we get to 100 days remaining until daddy gets home, we will make 100 rings and begin officially counting down the days.  

well, that time is, we're actually at 97 days (i was a bit late on making the rings).  the kids were excited to remove three rings today, but i made it clear that they can only remove one ring a day and removing more than one ring doesn't bring home daddy any faster.

less than 100 days to go. woo hoo!  that is exciting!


the assignment roller coaster continues. the latest--monterey, CA (middle eastern studies grad program). right now, that's what we're hoping for because steve says that if he doesn't get monterrey, he'll most likely go to KS.  and KS means another year apart, as i can't move kiele for only one year. it takes about a year to get all her deaf/hard-of-hearing education services set up. if steve does go to KS, we'll probably be able to see him once a month and spend major holidays together, but it's still tough. and sometimes i think the 'home again | gone again' routine might be even harder for the little ones.  we will see.  and like i said in a prior post, at this point, steve still could possibly end up getting a completely different assignment.