appreciating the little things

we are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey. appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don't overlook it.- author unknown

i shipped steve a birthday package, from my in-laws house a couple weeks ago, which he just happened to receive today--on his birthday. a few pair of sweat pants, which he requested. some other requested odds and ends. and an 80-page book. our book. a compilation of photos, of our family, from 2008. looking through the book is emotional for me, as i recount family moments and how much the kids have grown over the past year. i can't even begin to imagine how emotional the book is for steve, being away from us and all.

steve also received three postcards, one from each child. i vaguely remember steve's mom doing that--having the kids write/draw on a postcard, for their daddy's birthday. the thing that i didn't realize...was how very special that was going to be. steve couldn't stop talking about the postcards, especially sky's, which he scanned and emailed back to me (see below). Â i hadn't seen the postcards so i was happy that he emailed it.

one thing about steve being away is not only do we realize how much we appreciate one another, but also how much we often under-appreciate the little things, the everyday things. i know i've mentioned sky's learning to write to steve in the past--although not remembering how much these everyday things that the kids are doing mean to him, i'm sure i just glossed over it during quick conversation. it's these things--these things that are part of my hectic everyday--that i forget steve is so missing and would do anything to be a part of right now. it is these things that i must remind myself are so important to share with steve any way that i can. briefly glossing over them is not good enough.

happy birthday babe! we miss you. we love you. i'm so glad that you love your birthday gifts. almost 3 months done. 4 months to go. stay safe.