a story of kindness and trust

we heart linda's donuts. always have. but do so even more now. i asked the kids if they wanted to go get donuts this morning, something that we did often when daddy was here.

yea...yea, they excitedly screamed.

once i was ready, i told the kids to jump in the car.

no, we don't want to drive, they both agreed.

they actually both wanted to scooter, which made me happy. i grabbed charley, the keys, a 20 dollar bill and off we went.

linda's is a little over a half-mile away...a decent distance for the kids. the air was brisk and we were enjoying our conversation together along the way. one block from the donut store, i noticed that my 20 dollar bill was gone; i had been holding it in the same hand with my keys because i had no pockets. i thought that maybe i had lost it when i pressed the crosswalk button. i went back to that area, but no money found.

i knew the kids were going to be so bummed, to have to turn around and go back without getting donuts so i decided to go to the donut store, tell them what happened and see if they would let us get our donuts and then come back by car to pay. i was a bit worried because it wasn't the owner at the front, which it usually is...and he's familiar with us (i think). i asked anyways, hoping that i wouldn't have to disappoint the kids and head back home donut-less. and they let us; they gave us our donuts and trusted me to come back to pay. i was so thankful. of course, when i came back, i came with money and camera in hand. had to document this donut shop, we so enjoy. and document a story of kindness and trust.

we heart linda's.