i heart all of these

some things that i've come to love. i adore her work so much. i think i could own every piece. there are possibilities for any one. possibilities for any room in your house. i'm going to create an inspiration wall in my house and one of her pieces will be on it.

because life is pretty darn amazing and i don't ever want to forget it, i love (and bought) this poster.

there's so many awesome pieces of inspirational jewelry on etsy. you can check out some here, here and here. they make such awesome gifts.

and then there's this bracelet, which not only looks awesome, it also has an amazing message and...the proceeds support a great cause.

her voice is beyond what i can even describe. angelic is the first word that comes to mind but you have to hear for yourself. she plays often in my house. soothes my soul.

more for my inspiration wall and gifts to others. i love her art so much. and her book.

and still more amazing work. i haven't bought a print yet, but i will soon...for the inspiration wall.

just discovered these shirts. oh...my...gosh...i heart them so.

in the spirit of giving, check out this amazing story. you never know what's possible if you dream big and go from there.

i don't have a coffee table right now but i do have this book and i love it so. when i do get a coffee table, *this book* will grace the center of the table and sit proudly for all to view and read. for now, it graces my bookshelf, reminding me daily of the wisdom of others, who have truly made an impact and made a difference. reminding me of what's possible.

i heart her. she not only followed her dream of being a photographer, she also took a greater leap and followed her dream of becoming a dog photographer. her work is amazing and i know she's going to be wickedly famous sometime soon. erin is the epitome of following your passion and your dream.

i love etsy so much. what could be better than sharing some handmade goodness this christmas? this year i bought a lot of my gifts from etsy, along with making some of my own gifts (calendars, greeting cards, etc.) to share with others. it feels so much better to give something i or someone else made versus something i went to the store and bought.

i cherish the beauty and power of a handwritten note so much and therefore, i am often looking and buying some sort of stationery product. right now i'm particularly loving letterpress products. i'm even thinking of doing letterpress business cards next year.

i adore these monsters and love the fact that the kids can design them themselves. however, i don't adore the fact that my dog already got to skyler's monster and put a hole in it. grrrr!

lastly (speaking of monsters), i so love skyler's homemade "good monsters" that she made to help protect ryder from the monsters that he says live in his walls and scare him.