stillness amongst chaos

in the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.- deepak chopra

movement and chaos seems to be the current story of my life. and to be honest, i think a lot of it is self-imposed. i'm just that way. always have been. i like to be busy. i'm kind of like a bee, buzzing all around as fast as i can, seeing how many flowers i can pollinate (or jobs i can accomplish). Â yep, just that way. in saying that, i do seek that inner stillness, to try and keep my soul balanced. i am a libra, you know.

and today,'s my anniversary today. steve left a month ago today. happy anniversary to the kids and i, as we're now one month closer to his return home (six months to go). and i can't wait. i miss him more and more with each passing day.

i did get to IM with steve today (skype audio wasn't working well). it was great to talk with him. it was great to see him.


not sure how many people read prior posted comments so i wanted to share steve's comment on my previous blog post.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing partner in life. I miss being home and being able to help, but we are doing great here in Iraq on a daily basis. It is an honor to work with so many amazing Americans here making a true impact on the people of Iraq and it is a pleasure to have so many people at home concerned about our well being.

oh...i so love that man. Â just had to say that.

i have always known that steve keeps up with me a bit through my blog. it's my way of journaling my thoughts and feelings and he knows that. believe it or not, i'm not a very good communicator in person. something i have always had a problem with and continue to strive for...being a good communicator, that is. steve has figured out that i communicate through my blog, so he reads. Â maybe one day, i'll be a better communicator in person. Â


i didn't get to run today because kiele had a cochlear implant appointment; her processor broke and she wasn't hearing right. but wednesday, i ran 4 1/2 miles and walked 1/2 mile, when my knee started bothering me. i was a bit bummed because i so wanted to run a full five.

and this sunday, i'm doing the san diego mud run. bib 485. yep, running three miles through the mud. over walls. under ropes. through the muddy water. i'm doing it. my first official run. woo hoo. the pacific beach babes...we're all doing the run (minus one, who is pregnant, but her excuse is legit).

oh and i downloaded 30 or so new itunes the other day. mostly 70s rock. you know... my sharona (the knack) any way you want it (journey) renegade (styx)

okay, so i did throw in a couple others like... sexy back (justin timberlake) trees (marty casey) the man who sold the world (nirvana).

they're all now loaded into a running playlist. Â music i run with. Â music i love.