o christmas tree

having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done.- bo bennett as if i didn't already know, my body screamed at me yesterday, informing me that i'm not handling my stress very well. fever blisters sprouted one by one across my entire top lip and i feel like crap. one fever blister is bad; three is ridiculous. i've gotten fever blisters since i was a young child, but i don't ever remember having them quite this bad.

i have... photos, photos and more photos to edit prints to package books to design DVDs to burn care packages to package and send greeting cards to put together a cochlear implant presentation to create and present twice next week thanksgiving parties to prepare for kiele's book to scan for various publishers to review a magazine cover photo to shoot (i haven't even begun to think about christmas presents) and every day life.

yep, i'm just slightly overwhelmed and a tad bit stressed. when i'm not on top of the things i have to do, i get stressed. i'm not one to cry easy and tears have been shed, on more than one occasion now. it's just hard. so i'm thinking, journaling and...hoping. hoping that i can take a deep breath and look at things with a better, more relaxed attitude and realize that i will get through this really busy time and i'll get through it with a smile on my face. i will.

++++++ why o christmas tree? well...

there's this awesome website where you can donate $25, for a two foot tall christmas tree to be delivered to a military member serving in iraq or afghanistan. if you know a service member serving in iraq or afghanistan, you can enter his/her address and the christmas tree will be delivered to them, but you don't need to know someone to participate. please, please check out the website and consider donating a christmas tree to those who are serving our country and cannot be with us during these holidays. my tree is bought.

now back to editing. :-)