finding my place

the place to find is within yourself.- joseph campbell

photography is often a roller coaster, with many ups and downs. and today, i'm struggling. trying to figure out where my place is. i love what i do but i this the artist i was meant to become? or is there something deeper that hasn't surfaced yet? have i given myself a fair chance to become? sometimes i get so wrapped up in client work and the business...i forget who i really am as an artist. or...having picked up a camera in jan 2006 and starting a business in jun 2006, focusing on client work, maybe i just don't know!

so with the close of this year's client sessions approaching, i will dedicate some time to searching my soul and trying to find myself, as an artist. it may not happen tomorrow. maybe not for months. or years. but i have to give it a chance. i have to search. i have to play. i have to shoot for me and only me.

in the end, one thing i know for sure...i was meant to be a photographer. Â now i just have to figure out the rest.

some may not understand this post but i imagine many will, as my friends and i often talk about this roller coaster. this roller coaster of being a photographer. of being an artist.