thankful for those people

there are people in my life, who give me comfort when the going gets tough, as it invariably does.  i can count on them for a shoulder to cry on. they will lift me up when i fall.  they will hold me in their arms, when i cry, and tell me everything is going to be okay.  i am so thankful for those people; they are priceless. - author unknown

the jamison family. they are one of those people, as described in the above quote. beyond priceless actually. carmen watched kiele, from age six weeks old through age four. i went through some tough times, when i lived in tucson, and they were always there for me. soon, carmen and jim became momma carmen and daddy jim. they became family to kiele and i.Â

carmen and jim had one child, melissa. melissa was 11, when i met her. Â such a wonderful child. now 22, melissa has grown into a wonderful and beautiful adult. Â this saturday, kiele (age 11) will be a flower girl in melissa's wedding. it's hard to believe that the little girl i remember is now an adult--getting married.

i'm so excited to see the jamison family. Â it's been over a year, since we last saw them. Â i don't know if i can ever thank them enough for all they did for me. Â for their kindness. for their goodness. but i will continue to try, each and every time i talk to or see them.

i'm happy to say that i'm not shooting melissa's wedding; i'm just attending (although i do hope to come back with some photos). Â i'd do anything for the jamison's but shooting a wedding, with three kids by my side, is near impossible and...have i mentioned that i'm just not wired right to shoot weddings. Â i've shot a couple weddings in the past and have sworn never to do another ;-).

and since a post just isn't right without a photo. Â here's a shot, from the last wedding i shot.