goodbyes are sad

goodbyes are sad yet they should also be cherished because it is this word that causes all the memories to come flooding back as if they had happened yesterday. - author unknown

it's yesterday, 8 PM. skyler is in bed and i'm trying to get ryder in bed and getting ready to help kiele with her homework. Â


it's not your typical ring...of the phone.  i run to the computer.  it's steve.  i holler for the kids. they come running and stand by my side, as we talk to steve.

hi daddy. Â we miss you. Â when are you coming home.

we see him. Â we hear him. Â he sees and hears us. Â my heat aches, yet it's absolutely amazing that this technology exists and we can do this. Â i am beyond grateful for this connection that we can maintain, while he is so far away.

actually, i am grateful for so much. truly. Â i'm sad that steve is gone, but i don't dwell in the sadness of him being gone; that would do me no good. i am strong while he is gone and thankful. thankful that it's only seven months (and not 15-18 months, like the army guys that steve's unit is replacing). Â i'm thankful that we're all healthy. Â and safe. Â things could be so much worse and i'm thankful for each and every blessing in my life.

so, here is a screen capture, from us saying hi to steve. Â us in california. Â him in iraq.Â

198 days to go.